Journal of e-Media Studies, Special Issue: 6.1 (2022)

Banner Image Citations

Banner images, sources (beginning at top left, going left to right, downward row by row):
--Space Station: The Next Logical Step (1984) [selected image, NARA 306.9808];
--Yvonne Barclay, Groovy Girl (1970) [selected image, NARA 306.8161];
--Island Doctor (director, Chun Sun Myung, 1966) [selected image, NARA 306.3318];
--“The School Teacher, in This Case a Nun, is as Keen as Her Pupils on Seeing the Films” [still photograph, NARA 306-CS-1G-6];
--Blessings of Atomic Energy (1956) [selected image, NARA 306.1];
--America Presents America (1956) [selected image, NARA 306.777];
--United in Progress (directors, Charles Guggenheim and Richard Heffron, 1963) [selected image, NARA 306.3434];
--World Agricultural Fair in New Delhi, India (1959) [selected image, NARA 306.4952];
--Sons of Hai Ba Trung (director, Duong Quy Binh, 1962) [selected image, NARA 306.4973];
--Profile: Dr. Ricardo Alegria: Curator of Puerto Rican Culture (director, Jack Sholder, 1974) [selected image, NARA 306.6488];
--PROMO-GENERAL for “TV Satellite File” (1983) [selected image, NARA 306.TVSF-12];
--A House, a Wife, and a Singing Bird (dir. Miriam Bucher, 1956) [selected image, NARA 306.4958];
--Seven Nation’s Summit Conference, Manila (1966) [selected image, NARA 306.3287];
--Young Filmmaker Bicentennial Grant Film: An American Tune (director, Bill Marcus, 1975) [selected image, NARA 306.10035];
--The Wall (director, Walter de Hoog, 1962) [selected image, NARA 306.5605];
--“Iran—USIA mobile motion picture truck fording a stream…” [image from book, United States Information Agency: 1953-1983, editor Jim Welch, published by USIA, 1983, pp. 5];
--Khrushchev’s American Journey (1959) [selected image, NARA 306.5302];
--Cuban Footage for Argentina (1948) [selected image, NARA 306.8055];
--Young Filmmaker Bicentennial Grant: 200 (director, Vince Collins, 1975) [selected image, NARA 306.6897];
--America Presents America (1956) [selected image, NARA 306.777];
--America Welcomes Nigerian Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (1961) [selected image, NARA 306.6764]